Solar Collectors

Solene solar thermal collectors are sleek and attractive and work on any type of roofing material. Solene also uses insulated piping and extra-thick foam insulation around storage tanks to maximize your heater’s efficiency.

Solene Collector

Financial BenefitsSolene systems reduce water-heating costs by 75-90%, lowering your overall power bill by up to 30%. Thousands of dollars may be deducted from your tax return. The return on investment can occur in less than 5 years (based on current cost of energy and available rebates).
Quality GuaranteedSolene products are SRCC certified and are designed to exceed the minimum standards for system durability, reliability, safety, and operation. The 10-year Warranty is the best in the industry; no one else can compete.
Constant HeatingA back-up heating element means you always have hot water, even during extended cloudy periods.
Environmentally FriendlyA Solene system will reduce the air pollution created by your traditional system. Replacing an electric system will displace 25 tons of CO2 emissions over a 10-year period. Not only is the system green for your wallet, but it’s green for the environment too.

Solene Split-Glass Collector

Solene SLSG Collector

Financial BenefitsImproved cost per BTU
Quality GuaranteedStructural mid-rail allows for the use of dual glazing panels for increased strength and rigidity
Weather TestedDesigned to handle harsh conditions including extremely high snow and wind loads
LightweightRedesigned frame results in improved durability and lower weight

Design Features

1Absorber Plate
Utilizing a state-of- the-art ultrasound weld, copper fins and risers provide superior thermal connectivity between the fins and risers. Revolutionary coating is black chrome on nickel, producing a premium selective surface with maximum efficiency for solar energy use.

Absorptivity = 0.95
Emissivity = 0.12

2Tubing Grid
1/2” copper risers are brazed to 1” copper mainfolds for optimal flow distribution.

3Piping Connection
Four 1” Type M copper tubes.

4Aluminum Foil
Attached to the insulation, acts as a barrier against out-gassing.

5Solar Glass Glazing
A single pane of 1/8” thick solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and tempered to maximize strength and durability.

*Iron oxide content: 0.03%
*Solar transmittance: 91%

6Back Plate
Aluminum Backing: Reduces torque in the frame, is lightweight and eliminates the possibility of any electrolysis issues for maximum benefit.

1-3/16” polyisocyanurate foam placed under and around the side of the absorber plate, retains the heat of the water in the collector. DFC-free P.U. meets U.S. and European standards.

All aluminum extrusion casings create a sleek framewall. Unique extruded profile allows easy anchoring to the roof (shingle, tile, tar) or collector stands.

All-around EPDM gasket. Highly resistant to temperature differences and UV radiation. Absorbs the differential expansion of frame and glazing.

Solene Panel